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Are you thinking of trying Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment for the first time?


At Samuel Chapman Salon we want to make it an easy choice for you to see the difference it can make to your hair and how easy your life can be!

 SAVE £50  on our listed prices on your first Kerasilk Treatment at Samuel Chapman Salon.

Samuel Chapman Salon are proud to offer this long-lasting expert smoothing service that transforms unmanageable, curly, wavy or frizzy hair into the most luxurious, smooth version of itself for up to 5 months.


Kerasilk’s new formulation makes the application and service experience intuitive and fast and offers two customisable usage opportunities from control to surface refinement.


CONTROL SERVICE: A powerful yet gentle shape transformation to luxurious smooth hair – the perfect base for unruly hair.


REFINEMENT SERVICE: Natural-looking smoother hair with improved manageability and movement – the perfect base for surface frizz refinement.

Don't just take our word for it, here are some of the reviews Kerasilk has been receiving:


“It reduces daily styling time significantly” -Alice

“It really did eliminate EVERY bit of frizz. It was extremely effective and lasted a long time- I’m still frizz free after 6 months” -Mary

“My hair did not feel damaged. My hair is still extremely smooth and silky.” -Samantha

“It protected my hair from dryness. My hair stayed healthy, shiny and smooth for the whole time.” -Amy

“It prevented breakage. After seven months and a lot of manipulation (I work as a model and they are not gentle with my hair) my ends are still full.” -Tanya

“It made styling so much easier. I was able to get out the shower and use no additional styling product and my hair stayed frizz-free. -Isla

“My treated hair is really strong and healthy” -Jane


Should I get my colour done pre or post Kerasilk?

If your hair is any shade of blonde, get the Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment done at least 2 weeks after colour. If your hair is tinted darker, get the Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment done pre-colour.

Will Kerasilk shift my colour?

Yes. The Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment can shift colour by 2 levels which is why we advise to get your hair tinted post-Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment.


Will Kerasilk permanently straighten my hair?

The Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment is designed to smooth the hair, not straighten; it doesn’t manipulate the hair’s curl pattern like a relaxer would.

Will I need to get Kerasilk done more than once?

Visit the salon for The Kerasilk Smoothing service every 3-5 months.

Is it safe to have a Kerasilk done during pregnancy?

The Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment is not recommended for pregnant women.

Does Kerasilk contain Formaldehyde?

No. The Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment performs with Keratin, proteins and biomimetic silk which restore amino acids on the inside and outside of the hair.

Is Kerasilk Vegan?

Yes. The silk-based formula is cruelty-free.

What products should I use to maintain the treatment?

Using the The Kerasilk Smoothing treatment after-care range will help pro-long the frizz-free results.

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