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– £20,599 in annual revenue loss is a conservative estimate


– Up to £1,153 in annual wages for each Stylist loss (No employee can afford to lose this on wages)


– 530 hours annually (over 10 wasted hours every week) In one day alone we can have as many as 5 no shows leaving our stylists with reduced wages as they work on % commission -like the majority of stylists across the world.



We require a full 48 hours cancellation notice of all appointments so we can try to resell the time 48 HOURS NOTICE means we must have received notification of cancellation exactly 48 hours or more before your appointment time. We understand life gets in the way sometimes.

We are all so busy appointments can slip our mind sometimes so we give you our 3 Step Fairness Policy.

1st NO SHOW you are charged just HALF of your booked appointment value and we let you spend that charge on salon products, so you have something to show for your charge.


2nd NO SHOW you are charged the FULL rate of the appointment value and you can spend half of that toward products again, the other half can not be redeemed.


3rd NO SHOW and any following no shows you are charged the full appointment value which can not be redeemed.

New Booking Policy

All bookings require a non-refundable booking fee of 25% of the booking value. This will only be refunded if the 48 hour cancellation notice is given. The great thing about paying a booking fee is you have less to pay on appointment day.


Pre-Paid Packages Packages

All Packages are fully paid in advance and purchased online, over the phone or in salon. Failure to give 48 hours notice to cancel your package or pre-paid package service booking will result in the package being classed as fully redeemed and will no longer be valid.

Elite Memberships

Elite members can redeem as many appointments as in your membership; however, failure to show up for an appointment you booked results in the salon and stylist loosing revenue. Our stylists could be servicing other clients in this wasted appointment time. Please note you WILL be charged as in our cancellation policy if you fail to give 48 hours notice to cancel.


Fairness Policy

In return we agree that if we need to change your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice and your booking has stood for more than 48 hours we will endeavour to offer you another appointment on the same day. If we are unable to offer you an alternative appointment* on the same day we will gift you with half of your appointment value with free products when you return for your booking. *Please note due to sickness we cannot guarantee we can offer you the same stylist at the same time, but we will endeavour to offer you an alternative appointment on the same day where possible.


If you are late for your appointment the time comes off your appointment and we cannot guarantee you the full service you booked for but we can guarantee your stylist will do everything they can to make you look and feel amazing in the time they have. If we are late starting your appointment your service is not affected. In our service industry appointment times can be unpredictable so we base them on averages. We cannot guarantee you will be in and out in your exact booking time so please make appointments when you are not in a rush to get out at a specific time. We want you to have the best salon experience and rushing not only compromises your experience but adds stress and pressure on your stylist.


We thank you in advance for your understanding and supporting your stylist and salon team.

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