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The Hottest Hair Colours of 2024

Are you ready to shake things up and infuse a burst of colour into your life this year? As the seasons change, so should our hair, and what better time to unveil the hottest hair colour trends?

Here are our predictions for the top hair colour trends that will be making waves throughout the year.


Here's your ultimate guide to a fresh, vibrant look:

Lived-In Blonde

Say hello to 'lived-in blonde' - a low-maintenance trend with darker roots for that effortlessly chic vibe. Perfect for those who want to stretch the time between salon visits, this trend adds lightness and dimension to your hair without the constant root touch-ups.


Expensive Brunette

Expensive brunette' is all about quiet luxury. Embrace natural-looking shades with a high-shine, glossy finish. The Brunette-Balayage makes a triumphant return in 2024, allowing you to effortlessly embrace a low-maintenance and sophisticated look.


Red and Copper Tones

Expect the fiery vibes to continue with the stunning shades of copper and reds. Following the footsteps of Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski, this trend is set to make a bold statement in 2024, adding a touch of fierceness to your style, if you’re brave enough.


Golden Glow

Capture the essence of a golden-hour glow with the 'golden glow' trend. This super-soft and subtle glaze shines in natural light, making it a perfect choice for the upcoming spring and summer months.


Peach Tones

This might seem like a bit of a curve ball but as Pantone’s colour of the year is ‘Peach Fuzz’ and seeing that this soft, peachy shade, is already being embraced in the fashion world, we’re sure that it is poised to make a delightful entrance into the hair realm at some point throughout the year.


Ready to transform your look with one of these stunning trends?


Our skilled stylists at Samuel Chapman Salon are excited to bring your vision to life.


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