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Silver Shampoo

Silver shampoo otherwise known as purple shampoo has been a popular product for many blonde bombshells but our colour experts at Samuel Chapman Salons are here to answer your most asked questions from our colour specialist hair salons in Hove & Haywards Heath:

What is Silver Shampoo?

Silver shampoo is a shampoo with a purple pigment in it which helps to neutralise unwanted yellow tones in the hair. Think of a colour wheel and how purple neutralises yellow, silver shampoo works in exactly the same way.

How to use Silver Shampoo

Depending on the colour of your hair already and the colour you would like it to be our colour specialists would usually suggest using silver shampoo every third wash and leaving it on between 3 and 5 minutes. The longer you leave it on, the longer the pigment in the shampoo has to work. If you prefer your hair to be very white, providing that your hair has been lightened up to a very light blonde you could use a silver shampoo more often.

Will Silver Shampoo work on blonde hair?

Yes. Silver shampoo is designed to be used on hair that has been lightened to a light blonde shade or hair that has naturally turned to a white blonde/ grey through ageing.

Will Silver Shampoo fix orange hair?

No, Silver shampoo is not designed to fix orange hair, and if you decide to use silver shampoo on your hair that has parts that are orange, parts that are yellow and parts that are blonde you will find that the silver shampoo will take on the hair that is lightest as it will also be the most porous. Meaning that you could end up with orange and violet hair. We would suggest talking to one of our expert colourists who could help lighten the orange parts of your hair to become the blonde shade that you are looking for.

Is Silver Shampoo bad for your hair?

Silver shampoo doesn't have to be bad for your hair. At Samuel Chapman Salon our silver shampoo is made from natural resources, is completely vegan, sulphate-free, paraben-free & cruelty-free. We do know of some brands available at supermarkets & chemists that contain a small amount of bleaching agent to try and create a brighter blonde. Our Professional Blonding experts have recommended that you steer clear of these as they can cause the hair to become dry and brittle.

Why you use Silver Shampoo?

Silver shampoo or purple shampoo is used to help prevent blonde hair from turning yellow. We would recommend using a silver shampoo every third wash as a preventative whilst using a shampoo that is tailored to your hair's needs for the other washes.

Does Silver Shampoo really work?

On the right coloured hair, yes! If your hair colour is a light to very light blonde shade and you are looking for a cool, icy tone then using a silver shampoo regularly would be the perfect accompaniment to your haircare routine.

Can Silver Shampoo be used as a toner?

We wouldn't recommend using a silver shampoo instead of a toner as our team of hair experts have access to the best hair toners that contain nutrients that help to ensure your hair is healthy, shiny and full of vitality. We would recommend using a silver shampoo after your expert hair colourist has applied your toner in salon during your blonding service to sustain the results in-between your colour services.

Where can I buy Silver Shampoo?

We recommend Samuel Chapman silver shampoo which is available HERE Samuel Chapman silver shampoo is Sulphate-Free, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free shampoo that is used by our teams of blonding hair experts in both of our colour expert hair salons.

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