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To Grey Hair or not to Grey hair?

The pandemic trend for flaunting your grey hair has taken off with many celebrities and influencers championing the look. Andie MacDowell’s appearance on the red-carpet last year with a stunning mane of greying curls caused a media stir, inspiring many women to follow her lead.

Some people love their naturally grey hair but despite its growing popularity, many of us still dread the first appearance of those silvery strands, But love it or hate it, there’s plenty you can do to ensure your hair looks polished, chic and modern.

What causes grey hair?

“One of the main culprits is melanin – or lack of it”. “As we get older, we produce less melanin. The colour of our hair depends on melanin, so as it decreases, the colour in our hair does too and it starts to look grey.”

Does stress cause grey hair? The jury’s still out on that one! However, one thing’s for sure – your genes will play a part. If going grey is a family thing, it will probably happen to you sooner rather than later.

Grey just got cooler…

Going a gorgeous natural grey also means you’ll need to review your choice of haircare products.

First of all, just to explode a couple of grey-hair myths: grey hair isn’t ‘dead’ and it probably won’t be coarser than your other hair. However, grey hair may feel dry because as we get older (when our hair usually starts to go grey) we also produce less of the oil that helps to make hair shiny.

So, what to do?

“Grey hair can also be quite fine, so a Samuel Chapman Volume shampoo plus our intensive Samuel Chapman Repair Mask could work really well combined with a weekly at-home hydration mask,”

“Grey hair lacks pigment which makes it more prone to sun damage so it’s important to use UV protective products throughout the year. Ask one of our hairdressers for their advice and recommendation. Protect it from chlorine too and always rinse immediately you leave the pool. Counteract any yellowy tones with a purple shampoo such as our very own Samuel Chapman Silver Shampoo or our newly released Blonde hair mask which contains a beautiful violet pigment. It’s specifically formulated to make silver hues clearer and brighter – again, ask one of our fab hair stylists about which products will be best for you.

Not sure about the natural grey thing?

We’re definitely neutral on this one. We love our clients’ naturally grey hair, but we also love colouring and highlighting those greys to achieve a different look altogether. It’s your choice entirely, and if you’re not sure, book a complimentary colour consultation Call 01273 323597 and choose Option 1 for for our expert hairdressers in Hove or Option 2 for the best hairdressers in Haywards Heath and we’ll chat through your options.

I often recommend grey blending to my clients when they first start to see grey. It’s a popular option which blends greys with lowlights and highlights for a really natural look. This is lower maintenance than a solid colour as your roots won’t grow out so obviously and the greys blend in with the mix of light and darker colours. In a similar way to balayage highlights are blended seamlessly in to break up blocks of colour and ensure your hair looks multi-dimensional

If you’d prefer to go for a full cover up and opt for a solid colour (ask one of our colour experts for advice) to hide those silver strands, we’ve root top-up options for home use between appointments.

Add some colour to grey days…

If you decide to follow Andie MacDowell’s stunning lead and go grey, remember you don’t have to live with the shade nature gives you. It’s rare to be naturally blessed with a beautiful natural silver colour, and we can give nature a little help to enhance your natural grey tones.

Ask for the best hair stylist in Hove or expert hairdressers in Haywards Heath for one of our team's recommendations.

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