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Get Ready For Autumn With The Hottest Hair Trends!

Just like we update our wardrobe and skincare routine with each new season, why not give your hair a fresh twist this autumn?

But where to begin, you ask?

For hair that's flattering, effortlessly stylish, and a breeze to manage, turn to the experts – that's us! We've consulted with our Stylists and Colourists to unveil the top three trends to carry you into the new season.

1. Ravishing Reds

Reds are still sizzling hot from the summer, with shades like copper, strawberry, and fox auburn taking centre stage this autumn. The best part? They're the perfect way to transition your post-summer hair into the new season. Although we absolutely love Julianne Moore's gorgeous red tones, you don't need to go so bold to be on trend this season. Think dimensional bronze and coppers to breathe new life into sun-bleached hair. Picture deeper shades with beautiful bursts of lighter pieces throughout, all in a rich, warm tone. This look works wonders for both naturally lighter or darker hair, incorporating deep golds and strawberry hues for blondes, and bronze and copper for those with darker locks. Speak to a member of our team about a mixture of balayage techniques and lowlights to create definition followed by a gorgeous toner to enhance those lighter sections and a touch of gloss for that irresistible shine and dimension.

2. Effortless Low-Maintenance Layers

While we adore layered looks, we know some people find them a bit high-maintenance. The solution? Embrace this low-maintenance, softly-layered hairstyle that looks fantastic regardless of your hair texture. Chunky layering can often demand a blow-dry to look its best. Softer layers, whether long or short, infuse natural texture and movement while effortlessly accommodating both air drying and heat styling. If you're blessed with natural curls, these softer, more fluid layers also work wonders for enhancing shape and definition. For our curly-haired friends, the colder weather means more diffusing and a greater focus on taming frizz through products. To define those curls, scrunch a little Samuel Chapman Leave-In Curl Cream throughout your hair. Itis designed to tame unruly hair, combat frizz, and elevate natural curls for a silky, smooth finish. Using patented technology, this styling cream both nourishes and softens your hair while enhancing and maintaining the natural volume of your curls for longer.

3. The Chic Shag

Say Goodbye to the long summer locks that demanded a power blow dry. One of the simplest ways to refresh your look without sacrificing length is by embracing this season's Chic Shag. This autumn's predicted hair trend is the soft shag, perfect for those rainy days when you're short on time for styling and prefer minimal product use. It works like a charm on straight, wavy, or curly hair. Ideal for adding movement and volume to long locks, achieving this look relies on a specific cutting technique using a razor.

So there you have it, the top three autumn hair trends you should be booking right now.

Let's make your hair the talk of the town this season!

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