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Curly Hair Cutting Hove

Are you looking for a stylist in Hove who can cut curly hair? Look no further as we have Salon Manager Adam and Signature Stylist Alex who both specialise in curly hair.

Adam (who has curly hair himself) & Alex have spent many training sessions learning to become an expert with curly hair and it's needs.

We understand curly hair has special needs and it takes a special skill to cut it as well. You must know how to look after your curls. So many people just don’t have a clue how to manage them well and are left struggling with their hair and even hating it!

If you want to trade your frizzy curls for gorgeous, sexy curls then Samuel Chapman Salon is the place to come.

Call us today on 01273 323597 or book your appointment or consultation online here. You wont be disappointed

P.S. Have you seen that all of our services are covered by our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…if in the unlikely event you are not happy with results we will re-do it for FREE and if needed we will credit your account with the same purchase value. Check it out here


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