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Male Hair Replacement System

Experience the most undetectable and innovative hair replacement system available at

Samuel Chapman salon Brighton & Hove

Prices from £595

We understand men's hair loss

Hair loss can be a devastating thing for men to go through. The psychological factors, including a negative self image and a confidence low can lead to mental health issues. 


At Samuel Chapman salon we can help you. We operate an appointment only system on a Sunday to provide you with a discreet service available only to other men who are having the same system. 

We know how it feels

I have personally been losing my hair since I was 21 and I have tried many of the lotions

and potions available on the market to restore hair growth. After much researching I am now confident that we can provide you with the best hair replacement system which allows you to continue living your life the way you want to without surgery. This is not a wig or a toupee, our hair replacement system will ensure your confidence is back for the long term in around 2 hours.

At Samuel Chapman Salon, we use an integrated hair system that is not only 100% undetectable but at an affordable price. All systems by us are made using the very latest technology and skilled craftsmanship which our team then create a bespoke system to fit your head & your lifestyle.


Our consultations are conducted Face 2 Face in our salon. We do not, unlike other hair integration companies offer online consultations.

We believe the importance of meeting our clients and fully understanding your needs.

During your consultation you will learn how our hair systems are made, what it is like to wear a system, the benefits, how to maintain and look after your system.

Our consultations last around 45 minutes, you can request a consultation appointment by clicking the 'Contact us' button


Bespoke Hair Replacement System

Once you have had your first system, we offer all clients the option of choosing one of our monthly payment plans to cover the cost of your future systems, please ask your salon consultant for details.

All systems include:

Bespoke template taken of your head shape

Bespoke integrated hair system

Colour Match Service

Hairline re-creation

Hairstyle Design

100% Human Hair

Price Includes the fitting, cut, blow-dry and styling of your hair system

​First Maintenance visit Included

From £595

Full Maintenance & Regroom

We recommend you maintain your system by visiting our salon. Your maintenance visit will include a clean, wash and refit of your system, scalp cleaned and exfoliated followed by a blow-dry and further cut if required.

During your maintenance visit your stylist will be on-hand to offer any further training and advice if required,

Depending on the type of life-style you lead will determine the number of visits you require, however we do strongly recommend at least 1 visit per month.


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