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'My hair was in need of a fresh new colour and in big need of some TLC. That’s exactly what I got and I love it. My Balayage is soooo good.' - Becky


Our colour services


You can choose from a T-Section, Half Head or Full head of Highlights.


Whether you are looking for Traditional highlights, Lowlights, Babylights, Underlights, Slicing, Hair streaks, Money piece or Ribbon highlights this option is for you.


Traditional Highlights / Lowlights

It is important to understand the difference between traditional highlights and lowlights. Where we would lighten your hair to highlight, we would be darkening your hair to lowlight. We would usually use either a bleaching or high-lift tint product to lighten your natural base and we would usually use a tint to darken your hair. These techniques can either be done together or separately to create a natural or bold result.


This colouring technique is used to create that natural sun-kissed hair colour usually seen on younger girls after spending time in the sunshine. The tiny, natural looking lighter pieces are created by taking super fine sections, weaving out small pieces and then applying either bleach or a high-lift tint.


This technique is for the bold wanting peek-a-boo colour. The top section of your hair is clipped out of the way and sections underneath are lightened usually with a bleach type product. Once your hair is at the right level depending on your desired result your colourist will then go back through with either a bright and bold or pastel hues to create your bespoke creation.


This technique is usually used on thicker hair to create multi-dimensional colour. Taking slices or hair rather than weaving out pieces will colour more hair in a single area which can add depth and movement.

Money Piece

This technique takes face frame traditional highlights to the next level. The Money Piece is a fast growing hair trend that involves your colourist taking the hair that sits against your face and lightening it to create a bright feel.

Hair Streaks

This technique takes 'slicing' down a level so those who have slightly finer hair can enjoy it too. Your colourist will take bigger sections of your hair and weave out a small amount before lightening it to your desired shade.

Ribbon Highlights

This technique is for those who have naturally curly hair and wear it the way nature intended. Your colourist will take pieces of your hair following the natural curl to create dimension. It is your choice whether you would like the final result to be natural or bold.



We would usually encourage anyone who has not had Balayage before to opt for a full head as this will ensure your hair colourist can go through all of your hair to create a beautiful seamless blend between your natural hair colour and the lighter ends.

If you already have Balayage and want the area around the front to be brighter and for the blend to be bought nearer your root area then opt for half head Balayage instead.


Also choose this option if you are looking to have Flamboyage, Ombre, Sombre, or Dip-Dye.



This technique is also known as hair painting. It will involve your colourist taking triangular sections of your hair and hand painting the ends and blending their colour in to your existing natural base to create a gorgeous Instagram worthy hair colour.


This technique is for those who want to go even bolder with the brightness or colour tone of their Balayage. The name is a portmanteau of Flamboyant & Balayage!


This technique is for those who want the colour blend between their natural hair colour and the lighter ends but want to see most of their ends lighter. Where Balayage is designed to have existing pieces of your natural hair colour running throughout, Ombre goes further.


This technique is the slow transition between Balayage and Ombre. Think of it as Balayage's bolder sister who isn't as bold as Ombre.


This technique is for those who want to keep their natural root hair colour but have an extreme contrast between tat and the lighter ends. The blend is usually much more severe and is intended for those who want to go bold.



This service is suitable for those who want to have a permanent hair colour or a semi-permanent hair colour painted on to their hair. It can be used to either cover grey hair, blend grey hair, darken natural hair, lighten natural hair by a couple of shades and to add beautiful shine.


Tint under 8 weeks

This colour service would be the perfect choice for those who have their hair coloured up to every 8 weeks and want to maintain their current hair colour. Your colourist can also add a toner to the ends of your hair at the wash basins to add more colour and shine to your mid-lengths and ends.

Tint Full Head 

This colour service would be the perfect choice for those who have had their hair coloured over 8 weeks ago, or would like to have the ends of their hair colour refreshed.

Hair Toner

This is a colour service that is usually applied to your hair after it has been washed by your colourist. A toner is a semi-permanent hair colour that can be used to darken your hair, change the tone of your hair by making it warmer or cooler and to add gorgeous shine.

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