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The way we charge

Each of our hair sessions are completely Gender-FREE & have allocated time slots rather than listed titles. 

This allows our team to spend the time they need on your hair without any limitations as to which techniques they need to use to create your perfect colour or style. 

To see how this works please see our Price Guide below


Our salons are committing to recycle all our waste, ensuring that none of it goes to landfill. For us to do this there are extra costs incurred which means that there will be a £2 Green Fee added to your bill upon checkout.

We use fully compostable hand & hair towels which mean we can guarantee a clean towel for you every time without having to launder.

Your cut hair gets used to create hair booms which are used to soak oil from the sea or is given to garden centres to help plants grow.

All salon metals from dirty foil, hairspray cans, styling products, colour tubes & any cans we supply our drinks from are all recycled.

Our Loo Rolls are from 'Who gives a crap' which are completely plastic free & made with sustainable materials, they also donate 50% of their profits to clean water & sanitation non-profits. They're also good for your bum, Super long, soft and strong rolls feel good on more than your conscience!

Our electricity is supplied by Octopus who is a British renewable energy group specialising in sustainable energy.

Green Recycle Symbol

Colour expert

Adam, Our salon Manager has been awarded one of the highest achievements in hair colouring.
The places him in the top % of hair colourists in the country with advanced knowledge & skill. Adam shares his knowledge with our other stylists, allowing them to tap in to his expertise for their clients. 

Through his achievement our salons have been given an official 'Colour Expert' Title by the 'Good Salon Guide'.
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