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Will blonde hair suit me?

Will Blonde hair suit me? Is the question our colour experts get asked regularly at our hair salons in Hove & Haywards Heath.

The most often reasons our guests ask 'will blonde hair suit me' have been answered below:

  • Will Blonde hair suit me if I have grey hair

Yes, depending on how grey your hair is, or how white your hair is. Did you know that you have up to 7 strands of hair that grow out of each hair follicle? Each of these strands turn white at different points which in turn can make the hair look grey. Our colour experts would talk to you about maintenance to see how often you'd like to visit a hair colourist. You will also be asked about colours that you like to wear, either as make-up or clothing as this can help us decide on the tone of blonde which would best suit you. Sarah Jessica Parker & Jennifer Anniston are two people who have grey hair coming through but have used their blonde hair to blend the grey hair through so the focus is on the well placed lighter pieces.

  • Will Blonde hair suit me if I have brunette hair

Depending on how the blonde is applied, the tone that is chosen and how worried you will be about the regrowth that comes through, it is possible for blonde hair to suit brunette. Our colour specialists in Hove & Haywards Heath Hair Salons will talk to you about all of these things and to explain the process of how you will get to your desired outcome, and if it is likely to take multiple appointments. Kim Kardashian is an example of someone with naturally very dark hair who went very blonde - this is an incredibly high maintenance option. To create a more maintainable blonde we loved when Bella Hadid decided to add some lighter, blended blondes throughout her naturally dark hair.

  • Will Blonde hair suit me if I have ginger hair

Yes, again this is all down to the tone that is chosen to compliment your complexion. Think of actress Emma Stone who was well known for being a read head who then dabbled with a blonde, our opinion is that it started to be too much of a block blonde that didn't contain enough warmth so it could wash her out if make-up wasn't worn. We much preferred a little root and a warmer toner applied to create a richer blonde hair colour. Blake Lively, who has natural red hair has balayage pieces running through it which compliment her skin tone and eye colour which look very flattering.

Are you still thinking will blonde hair suit me?

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