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Where to get blonde hair

Where to get blonde hair? Are you looking to have beautiful shiny blonde hair created by expert colourists?

Where to get blonde hair in Brighton & Hove is at Samuel Chapman Salon, situated along 82 George Street, Hove.

Where to get blonde hair in Haywards Heath is at Samuel Chapman Salon, situated along 107 South road, Haywards Heath.

Both of our hair salons are accredited colour expert hair salon by The Good Salon Guide.

Where to get blonde hair using balayage - Our colour specialists regularly train in London and have educators come in to our salon to teach them the latest techniques including Balayage, Foilyage, Ombre, Sombre, & Dip-Dye.

Where to get blonde hair using highlights - The traditional application method of making hair blonde by weaving small pieces of hair to create a seem-less, blended blonde.

Where to get blonde hair that is platinum blonde - This is the most dramatic of blonde hair colours where your expert colourist will make all of your hair completely blonde.

At Samuel Chapman Salons, where to get your hair blonde by asking you the right questions about:

  • Your lifestyle - We want your blonde hair to always look beautifully shiny & healthy

  • Maintenance - It's important to us that we know how often you want to visit our expert hairdressers so we can make your blonde hair last.

  • Clothing - We take in to consideration the colours of clothes that you wear, the colour make-up you wear to ensure the tone of blonde we choose with you is most suitable.

  • Eye colour / Skin tone - When creating the perfect blonde shade for you we will look at your eye colour & skin tone to best choose a shade that compliments you.

Are you still wondering where to get blonde hair? Call our Blonde Experts now on 01273 323597


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