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Male Hair Replacement System

Experience the most undetectable and innovative hair replacement system available at Samuel Chapman Salon, Brighton & Hove.

We understand Men's hair loss

Hair loss can be a devastating thing for men to go through. The psychological factors, including a negative self image and a confidence low can lead to mental health issues.

At Samuel Chapman Salon we can help you. We operate an appointment only system on a Sunday to provide you with a discreet service available only to other men who are having the same system.

We know how it feels

I have personally been losing my hair since I was 21 and I have tried many of the lotions and potions available on the market to restore hair growth. After much researching I am now confident that we can provide you with the best hair replacement system which allows you to continue living your life the way you want to without surgery. This is not a wig or a toupee, our hair replacement system will ensure your confidence is back for the long term.


Please visit our website for many frequently asked questions and our answers to them

Book your consultation today

Currently we are operating on an appointment only basis to ensure that your needs are kept discreet. These appointments will be either in the evening Monday - Wednesday at 6pm or on a Sunday. Email us today to book your complimentary consultation with a member of our team for your new hair replacement system.


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