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Jade Loves...

Haywards Heath Senior Stylist, Jade loves enhancing your hair's natural beauty.

Jade's favourite services include:

  • Beautiful Balayage Placement

  • Bespoke Natural Highlights

  • Creating Short Textured Haircuts

Jade's Top Tips on her favourite services


  • To ensure that your hair is always looking it's best I'd recommend visiting me for a toner & treatment top up service every 6-8 weeks after your initial colour. This is a great way to ensure your hair condition is at it's peak before further balayage sessions.

  • If you prefer your balayage to have a cooler tone I'd suggest using Samuel Chapman Silver Shampoo & Conditioner once a week. This is a great way to neutralise any un-wanted warmth from coming through.

  • Try to avoid washing your hair any more than 2-3 times a week, this will limit damage to the hair and prolong colour longevity. We only stock sulphate-free, paraben-free & cruelty-free shampoo & conditioner at Samuel Chapman salon as these will ensure that your colour does not fade when washed whilst keeping your hair beautiful & shiny. Authentic Beauty Concept have a great dry shampoo which you can use in between washes to prevent your hair from feeling greasy.

  • A heat protector is key prior to applying any heat to your hair. Please apply liberally to prevent colour fade and hair damage.


  • We always have a full consultation prior to any colour service to understand how often you like to visit the hair salon. We can tailor the way your highlights are applied so you can get the maximum time out of them as you desire.

  • I'd recommend alternating between a full head, a half head and a T-section of highlights at each visit to keep your hair looking beautiful.

  • Visit me every 6-8 weeks for a toner & treatment service to ensure that your hair is kept glossy, healthy and salon finished.

Short textured hair cuts

  • Short hair cuts are notorious for growing out quickly due to you being able to see the length grow more easily. I'd recommend visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks to maintain your hair's shape.

  • If you like to get some volume or hold in your hair style try using a spritz of Authentic Beauty Concept's Nymph Salt Spray - this vegan formula not only smells great but also contains heat protection up to 230 degrees and will provide a lightweight, non-crunchy hair feel.

Book your next hair appointment with Jade in our Haywards Heath salon Call 01273 323597 Email Online


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