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Embrace the Bangs: 5 Must-Try Fringes Revealed!

To fringe or not to fringe, is that the question in your mind?


They are a great way to switch up your look, and with so many clients asking about fringes we thought we would give do some research and uncover our top 5 must-try fringes for 2024!


From curtain bangs to side-swept elegance, there's a style for every face shape and hair type.


Bangs: Frame Your Beauty


Curtain bangs are the epitome of versatility, offering a flattering frame for every face shape. Whether you prefer the focus on your lips, cheekbones, or eyes, these bangs, as seen on the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Dakota Johnson, act as a perfect face frame. Our team of expert stylists recommend these for normal to full hair with a slight wave, and you will need to own a round brush (and be willing to use it) to make the most out of curtain bangs for that perfect bounce.


Bangs: Y2K Revival with a Soft Touch


As the Y2K revival continues, wispy bangs make a strong comeback, favoured by stars like Nina Dobrev and Phoebe Tonkin. This style, falling loosely over the face, allows you to grow it out easily if you get bored quickly or want the option to explore other looks. To maintain freshness, use dry shampoo and embrace the softening effect. This type of fringe is ideal for angular faces and almost any hair texture.


Bangs: Short, Sweet, and Irresistibly Chic


Nicola Peltz Beckham is a lover of the baby bangs, a shorter variation of the wispy fringe. This playful style, cut with a touch of irregularity, suits those with smaller faces. Our Stylists recommend products like wax or styling powder for texture, allowing you to shape the strands effortlessly and let your forehead peek through for a chic appearance.


Bangs: Taylor Swift's Signature Look


No discussion about bangs is complete without Taylor Swift, who has made the full fringe her trademark. Ideal for angular, striking faces, this style visually shortens high foreheads. Our team suggest using a paddle brush for a flat, straight look, alternated with a round brush for a natural volume finish.


Side-Swept Bangs


Side-swept bangs are another Y2K revival, a windswept look adored by Heidi Klum and Lily Collins. Perfect for those aiming to grow out their bangs, a touch of hairspray will keep them in place and out of your eyes.


Ready to make a bold statement with your hair?

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