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Colour & Care Tips for Fine Hair

I believe that it's essential to choose hair colour that not only enhances your style but also complement the unique characteristics of your hair.


This week I have compiled a list of the hair colours that elevate fine locks along with some expert care tips to make the most of your hair colour:


1. Dimensional Colour Instead of Single Allover Colour

Opt for multi-tonal, dimensional colour that adds lightness and dimension without the commitment of frequent salon visits.

To mask any grow-out, add volume at the roots using texturising powder or spray and experiment with zigzag hair partings for a fuller appearance.

2. Intentional Shadow Roots Instead of Stark Grow-Out

Combat stark grow-out lines with intentional shadow roots. This technique adds depth and dimension, allowing your hair to grow out seamlessly.

I’d suggest using gentle hair brushes to avoid breakage while creating volume and please be gentle, there’s nothing worse than attacking fine hair as you’ll only put it under stress and it will be more likely to snap.


3. Strategic Highlights Instead of Flat Colour

Beautiful dimension is key for thinner hair. Enhance your hair’s thickness visually by incorporating strategic highlights, babylights, or balayage.

Invest in quality heat tools and don’t just put them up to their highest heat because you can. Before using any heated appliances you should use a heat protector to shield your fine hair from the temperatures you’re putting on it.


4. Low-Maintenance Colour Instead of High-Maintenance Colour

Prioritise low-maintenance colour for fine hair. Multi-tonal shades provide flexibility for natural hair growth.

Choose natural based volumising products, shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain colour-stripping salts, preserving both your colour and the illusion of thickness.


5. Natural-Looking Allover Colour Instead of Dramatically Different Colour

If you are insistent on having an allover colour, stay close to your natural shade. This minimises the risk of translucent roots that can make it look as though your hair seems to be growing away from your scalp.

When sleeping use a silk pillowcase to stop your hair from becoming tangled or matted and when putting your hair up opt for gentle fabric scrunchies or looped elastics to prevent stress on delicate strands.


Ready to transform your fine locks into a masterpiece of colour and volume?


Our talented stylists at Samuel Chapman Salon are here to bring these tips to life.

Book your appointment today and let's make 2024 the year your hair radiates confidence and beauty!


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