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Balayage Brighton

Are you looking for the Best Balayage Hairdressers in Brighton?

Samuel Chapman Salon has handpicked Colour Experts who have been perfecting their Balayage expertise since we were founded in 2016. We are now proud to be a Balayage Specialist Salon.

WHAT IS BALAYAGE? In French, the word balayage means to sweep. Rather than traditional foiling your balayage is all done in a freehand technique. The best thing about this style is that it doesn’t matter whether you have a short pixie cut or waist length hair, anyone can have it done. The point behind a balayage is that you get a natural-looking, sun-kissed hair that you are in control with the maintenance of.

IS BALAYAGE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? If you’re new to hair colour or wanting to keep your hair blonde without the overly noticeable line of re-growth then balayage is for you! It’s a lightening technique that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you'd like (depending on your existing hair colour & hair condition) Your expert colourist will recommend the best placement for your face shape and hair cut, making it personalised just for you. Are you bold or subtle? the choice is yours!


If you are looking for the Best at Balayage Hair Colour in Brighton book your FREE consultation today with one of our balayage specialists at our Colour Expert Salon either online at


Call 01273 323597


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