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Our Lifestyle hair salon & coffee lounge is situated at 107 South Road, Haywards Heath.

Samuel Chapman Salon Haywards Heath is an accredited 5 star hair salon, colour expert hair salon & eco salon by The Good Salon Guide.

Our team of expert hairdressers want you to feel like a guest in our home - where every need is catered for. Whether you are in need of a complete colour change, fresh ideas to maintain your current colour or hair style we will be happy to help you.


We offer complimentary consultations prior to any service to ensure you will feel completely at ease with the service you will be given. 


Green Fee

Our salons are committing to recycle all our waste, ensuring that none of it goes to landfill. For us to do this there are extra costs incurred which means that there will be a £2 fee added to your bill upon checkout.

Opening Hours



Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

10 - 6


10 - 8


9 - 6



The Hair Experts in Haywards Heath

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