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A consultation with a 'Hair Recovery Specialist' in our Hove or Haywards Heath salon is where it all begins.

We will talk through your hair history to get a thorough insight and help to identify the potential cause(s) of your hair quality to deteriorate. We will be open, honest and realistic about how we can help and set out the costs and time commitments that will be required.

Tailored approach

If we think we can work with you to help improve your hair quality and allow the health of your hair to fully recover, we will begin by setting a realistic and achievable goal within 18 months. We will keep a record of images each month for reference.

Why are hair extensions needed?

Hair Extensions can help aid with the recovery in the quality of your hair as they help to reduce the need for excess heat styling. We will also ensure that the care for your own hair is of the upmost importance with a personalised programme of treatments and products to promote healthy hair growth, whilst nourishing damaged ends.

Our care for you and your hair

We will do our best to make sure that you see your chosen stylist throughout your personalised plan who will take photographs each month for both your and our reference. At the end of your tailored hair growth programme we will be able to show you the journey your natural hair has been on for you to see for yourself how your hair quality has improved. Once we have reached the end of your plan, you will now be able to stop wearing hair extensions (should you choose) and continue to maintain your natural, newly revitalised, healthy hair.

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